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Interior Design Courses: Design and Hospitality Design Exposition
In the field of interior design, two high-growth sectors are certainly the design of exposure, that is dedicated to design the exhibition spaces - museums, exhibitions, conferences - hospitality design, the design of spaces designed to 'reception - mainly hotels and restaurants.

These two areas of interior design increasingly have a keen eye for what is the construction, environmental qualification, especially for spaces intended for fairs, exhibitions and conventions, welfare and comfort for the hospitality spaces.

The course designer of exhibition spaces, the variety of spaces that affect this area. It provides for the training of designers are able to grasp the different requirements of each type of event. The unlike situations in which this professional will have to move very much in demand. The museum to a business meeting room: distinctive audiences, in numbers and quality, with definite tastes and demands, therefore, need to design spaces that are always different, and they know to at the same time be functional and capable of hitting the public housing an important part of course design exhibition about the centrality of design showrooms in strategic planning and communication within a company or institution.

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The course of hospitality design concentrates mainly on the areas of hotel and restaurant, this one area of interior design not only growing, but it has always been a constant demand. In this area, the center of the relationship between man and environment are the values ​​of comfort and convenience. The course designer for the space of reception is focusing on concept design, the basis of any initial design that takes into account the needs of everyone's hotel or restaurant and audiences, but also the lines of the market, a very competitive market and extremely dynamic. Hospitality design and is besides closely linked historically to industrial design: The training course offers all the tools and then, with data processing and technology, to design up to date, with the use of software for the' processing 2D and 3D. Finally, a substantial part of the course is devoted to new material and brand new techniques for evaporative and sustainability.