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Manager for the organization of corporate travel Responsibilities

  • the construction and organization work effectively to ensure: business travel of employees and partners;
  • conducting field training seminars in Russia and abroad;
  • visa support, booking tickets and hotels;
  • organization of cultural and recreational activities;
  • interaction with the travel agencies, consulates;
  • cost control, budgeting.

Manager for the organization of corporate travel job description

Manager for the organization of corporate travel Requirements

  • higher education;
  • experience in business travel or a similar position;
  • English language proficiency;
  • confident PC user;
  • knowledge of the specifics of all phases of travel arrangements;
  • personal qualities: responsibility, stress, fast learner, attention to detail, positive attitude, ability to work with people.

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Internal Procurement Manager and Procurement Manager

  • organization of the procurement process of indirect materials and services (cars, computers, furniture, office equipment, marketing, advertising, rekrumtent, etc.);
  • search, negotiation and selection of suppliers, organizing and conducting tenders;
  • budget planning, cost reduction;
  • writing, updating, implementing policies and procedures in the territory;
  • preparation of regular reporting.

Internal Procurement Manager and Procurement Manager Requirements:
  • the presence of successful experience in buying from 2-3 years in an international company;
  • Fluent English (written and oral);
  • Higher education (preferably economics, finance);
Internal Procurement Manager job description

  • development of negotiation skills, result orientation, leadership qualities.
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Translator Responsibilities

  • translation of contracts, documents and correspondence;
  • support staff in business negotiations (simultaneous / consecutive interpreting);
  • diting of documents.

  • higher education (linguistic / translation);
  • experience working as a translator;
  • skills of interpretation and translation;
  • their command stylistics of Russian and foreign language;
  • willingness to travel, nonstandard working day;Translator job description
  • excellent communication skills, stress;
  • knowledge of the programs MS Office.

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Manager for corporate events Responsibilities

  • Preparation of scenario planning and scenario events;
  • Work with suppliers on the organization of events, including the contract, designs scenery, lighting and sound director filling activities, special effects, etc.;
  • providing information about the upcoming event in the print media companies, as well as an internal company site;
  • the solution of logistic and organizational issues related to the activities of the organization;
  • budget planning and monitoring the implementation of measures of the budget;
  • work with employees to prepare them for activities, analysis activities, processing and transmission to the accounting documents on activities;
  • Organization of production of the corporate newspaper;
  • Organization congratulation's employees on holidays, anniversaries, etc.
Manager for corporate events job description

Manager for corporate events Requirements

  • Higher education (preferably PR, marketing, journalism, personnel management);
  • experience in similar position (internal PR and corporate culture);
  • knowledge of methods of formation and support of corporate culture, knowledge of objectives and instruments of internal PR;
  • successful experience in organizing and conducting major corporate actions;
  • active position in life;
  • communication skills, creativity, discipline, responsibility, presentation skills, presentable appearance.
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Head of service Responsibilities


  • Manual operation of the department;
  • organization and conduct of current and capital repairs of the building;
  • Organization of alterations, internal displacement, the planning of the working space;
  • Work with contractors;
  • holding of tenders;
  • control of construction documents;
  • budgeting;
  • interaction with public authorities, regulatory and supervisory authorities;
  • verification of knowledge and training on TB staff;
  • control of operating costs, record keeping;
  • interaction with designers, designers, architects, builders and utilities.

Head of service job description

Head of service Requirements
  • Higher education (technical);
  • knowledge of the guidelines on the operation of facilities;
  • knowledge of the life-support systems for buildings and structures;
  • knowledge of the market of utility services and maintenance services;
  • knowledge of fire safety, occupational safety;
  • experience in similar position;
  • confident PC user.
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Administrative positions Responsibilities

  • Administrative support to the implementation of the company's offices;
  • Administrative management of the department (office manager, technicians, cleaners, drivers, reception, couriers, drivers, secretaries, translators, specialists in organizing corporate visits);
  • formation and effective implementation of the budget, control the cost of the office, organizing jobs, office space planning;
  • rent implementation of policy and process control services offices, registration and archiving of corporate records;
  • analysis of the real estate market, search for office space, exercise movements;
  • maintenance of transport policy, development of requirements for maintenance of vehicles;
  • Organization of procurement.

Administrative positions job description

Administrative director Requirements

  • Experience in similar position in the company (300 people) of three years;
  • experience of several life-support offices, the organization of the fleet, working with tenants of buildings;
  • experience of traveling;
  • personal qualities: reliability, efficiency, good organizational skills, ability to solve some tasks simultaneously, ability to organize team work, strategic thinking, attention to detail, communication skills;
  • computer skills (software required): Microsoft Office;
  • foreign language (English) a plus.
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Head of Security Service Responsibilities

Head of Security Service Responsibilities
  • organization security strategy, the development of regulatory documents;
  • establish and develop working relationships with state and municipal services;
  • Develop, update and implement new solutions in the field of security cooperation with other services of the company;
  • search, negotiation and selection of suppliers (PSE, equipment, ext. funds), the organization and conduct of tenders;
  • budget planning, cost reduction;
  • provision of information, physical, economic, and security personnel;
  • provide a plan of action in all directions in case of emergency.

Head of Security Service Responsibilities job description

Head of Security Service Requirements

  • higher professional education;
  • successful experience of similar work from 3 years;
  • experience in the power structures of the 5 years (FSB, BC);
  • developed communication skills with people at all levels, leadership qualities, flexibility.

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Receptionist Responsibility

Administrative positions
  • performs the functions of the operator of office PBX system, taking all phone calls
  • receives and distributes incoming mail, faxes
  • greets clients and visitors, providing them with necessary information
  • performs some secretarial functions
  • working with couriers
  • leads schedule drivers 
  • provides visa support, participates in the organization of travel
Receptionist Responsibility job description

Receptionist Requirements

  • experience in similar position is an advantage
  • English proficiency
  • PC skills
  • good communication skills
  • team work

To be specified specifically
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