Sheet Metal Working

The shares for sheet metal working, not only mechanical
The shares are not just mechanical, there are different types for distinct uses. The share is used for machining, cutting the sheet metal.

We analyze the existing types of shares and their common uses, especially depending on the sheet to be cut and work and its thickness:

sheet metal working techniques

I can be considered the most traditional hand shears, used mainly for cutting and machining of very thin sheets and small plate. They form and feature truly similar to the classic scissors with blades very short compared to the size of the handles; they come to cut sheets of sheet 2 to 3 mm thick.

Then there is the bench shears used to cut thicker plates. Generally, the bench shears had a fixed blade and a mobile. The blades may have different sizes and shapes depending on use.

Finally, for plates of even greater using the shear mechanical or hydraulic. Similarly, the shear-counter have a fixed blade and a mobile data usage: generally instinctive shares are used for cutting metal sheets of large size are often equipped with mechanisms that help to run and keep still during cutting the metal.

Shares, even mechanical ones, are used to the cold working of metal plate, this method cannot exceed certain thickness, for which different techniques are used, ensure that heating the metal sheet before cutting it very often are used oxyfuel torches.