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Ten ways to stay optimistic during the job search

Job search you tired she? Do not lose faith in you! It presents 10 ways to keep morale in times of job search and to stay motivated and optimistic.

1. If you're down performance, Admit it!

The first step out of depression is to admit you're down performance. If you suffer from the depression job seekers, take a moment to rest and relax and find the concentration, strength and inner peace you need to continue your job search and move forward in your career. Talk to people you trust and seek professional assistance when needed.

2. Organize your day

Even if you do not work, plan your day in the same way that a day of work. Spend days relaxing and unproductive at home will not advance your job search, it will only feed your inertia and panic being unemployed. Consider your job search as a full-time job and do the same force, management skills and discipline such as work. Incorporate into your day a set of tasks likely to advance your job search, including networking activities, research activities, sports, visits to your mentor, the stresses at random, etc.... Remember to keep the results and take care of monitoring. By organizing your days of the week following this disciplined approach, you will feel in control of the job search, and you will get rid of the jitters that many job seekers feel this trac directly related to feelings of helplessness and loss of control over their lives.

3. Build a support network around you

Do not let negative people discourage you or distract you from your job search. Indeed, observe and learn from successful and happy professionals who are already at the stage you want to achieve, and seek their support to get there. Try to surround yourself with encouraging and optimistic people who will inspire you and motivate you instead of those who will discourage you. Enthusiasm is contagious, and all those around you are motivated and confident; you will be confident in yourself, your strengths, capabilities and your market value.

4. Stay motivated

Learn how to stay motivated through the success story of others and motivating the board's expert. Read motivational books and autobiographies of successful people in the field or in the type of company you are targeting, or whose lives and achievements you have inspired and motivated to achieve and excel before. There are several best-selling motivational books very effective, accompanied by audio. You can include in your daily schedule and listen even when driving or performing other tasks.

5. Remember your past accomplishments
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It is often easy to lose confidence if your job search lasts so endless and any positive outcome in sight. When you feel you have reached a standstill and your confidence in your abilities is decreasing, remember your past accomplishments even while you are resourceful and thinking about the strategy of your job search. View your last major success and remember how you made and the euphoria it brought you. Then visualize yourself achieving the same success in your new attempt and make a plan to get there. You can even keep a picture of you after this latest achievement constantly displayed or present in your mind to remind you of your ability.

6. Learn a new skill

Use this interim period to gain a new qualification. You can further study or read books dealing specifically with aspects of job search skills such as maintenance, resume writing, the creation of a network; you can even work in other areas you want development, whether the development of self-confidence, public speaking, sales, managing a team, maintaining the privacy report / work or just to succeed in life in general. You can also learn technical skills related to the field you want to improve or skills that you've always wanted to acquire. Use this interim period to gain these skills and include them in your CV once acquired.

7. Reward yourself for having made short-term goals

Do not stay on the sidelines. Make realistic goals in the short term that will advance your long-term goals, evaluate and reward yourself every day to the positive results of the day. These goals may include a number of resumes sent; interviews obtained, solicitations conducted at random, brand new skills; new professional books read, etc.... Try to ensure that your goals are reasonable and focus to achieve them one by one.

8. Volunteer

Volunteering is a way to feel useful, important to expand your network and sometimes strengthen your CV. You can distract yourself by learning a new activity brings, and the immense feeling of satisfaction obtained by providing assistance to others if you are involved in charitable activities.

9. Count your benefits

Job search, as painful and difficult it is, always keep in mind that you have benefits in other areas of life and be grateful. Keep a sense of proportion and remember your successes and achievements.

10. Do not lose the balance.

Add physical activity and relaxation to your weekly schedule and all means to have a positive energy. Watch yourself and indulge in your favorite hobbies. Whether it's 30 minutes of walking in your neighborhood, an hour of yoga, ride a bicycle with the kids after school, take care of the asphodel, and the hydrangea in the garden, do not give up the activities you have fun and that maintain the important balance in your life.