Thank you Letter Interview

The letter of thanks

The interview went well, but remember to follow! Here are some tips on writing a thank-you letter attesting to your courtesy, professionalism and confirming your qualifications for the position.

The interview went properly, the ball being in the camp of the employer; you will wait quietly for his decision, rightly; you are wrong! You always have an opportunity to stay in the field of view of the employer and convince him to give you the job, and thanks to a letter of appreciation timely and well written.

The thank-you letter is a recommended follow-up interview after all and must be addressed immediately after the interview, in one or two days if possible, while maintenance is consistently present in your head and the employer recalls regularly you. Perhaps after reading this article you will discover that you forgot this, but do not be discouraged, it's never too late to do.

If you passed the interview with several parties, then send a letter to each of them. Check the correct spelling of their names, job titles and addresses based on their business card. They will have discounts, or by calling the company.

In addition to marking to stay in the mind of the employer and distinguish yourself from the rest of the candidates who have not had the idea of ​​monitoring, thank-you letter also serves to demonstrate the energy and perseverance; you give greater value to correct any errors or omissions, and misunderstandings that occurred during the interview. Follow these instructions needed to write your thank-you letter:

1. Sincerely thank the employer for his time during the interview and express your pleasure to meet him. Everyone prefers the friendly staff, and more to show your manners, your citizenship, and professional protocol; this action increases your practiced discount from the employer and increases your chances of landing the job.

2. Mention the exact job purpose of the interview and the date of the latter to avoid confusion.

3. Mention a specific fact learned during the interview or a key part of the conversation to indicate that you were very attentive and consistent with the interviewer.

4. Remember your enthusiasm for the job and the company and summarize your skills and strengths in a concurring with the position. Identify any experience, accomplishments, achievements directly related to your ability to contribute and excel in the job. Highlight any jurisdiction or execution has not been mentioned during the interview and could convince the employer of your qualifications for the position.

5. Eliminate misunderstanding occurred during maintenance while avoiding to address any weaknesses. If you think, the employer has misunderstood a certain point, it is time to correct it. However, do not recall the major mistakes, blunders and weaknesses recounted in the interview, otherwise you may be amplified. So, if you arrived late, came with a baby, or your weak points discussed during the interview, do not talk about it in the thank-you letter, focus instead on your strengths and the fact that you can be a dynamic and productive member of the team.

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6. Write a letter brief, attractive and professional, avoid exaggerations, sentimentality, familiarity or excessive enthusiasm. Check the layout, grammar and any other obvious error, in fact. Poor thank-you letter is worse than not to address a letter.

7. If you really want to impress the interviewer, send your thank-you letter from a collection of new articles or information related to a specific topic discussed during the interview, or analyzing and illustrating the most significant events in the industry, society and / or the competitive environment.

Your thank-you letter will showcase probably the right information that the employer research to substantiate its decision of your recruitment; it will certainly be motivated to contact you to discuss your offer and negotiate the terms.