What employers are looking for

There are six key elements that the employer will evaluate. Try to shine in all of them.

The President of the interview seems tired and worn out, and you know you have the difficult task to compete with all candidates who held the seat for your face. The next time you're sitting on a chair to your potential employer, remember that there are six important points that will be evaluated, and you try to shine in all of them! Read below what your experts in career, the leading recruitment site in North Africa and the Middle East suggest.

1. Experience and training

Your skills, qualifications and training will dominate you on the first in the running. Leave all your relevant experience in the lip and are willing to quote. There is no substitute for experience and qualifications accurate, and you should be able to call a history and a winning attitude to show. Relevant qualifications in combination with good examples of how you applied professionally acquired in different positions to increase productivity are critical determinants of your suitability for each position.
what employers are looking for in 2012

2. Entrepreneurial ability

Employers seek candidates who possess a good understanding of how societies in general and the business in question, in particular. They are looking for people oriented "efficiency" to ensure the productivity and performance, and with a sense of policy and procedures of the company. For all positions, you are applying; employers seek people with a highly refined skill in problem solving, which clearly identify the problem and identify and implement the optimal business solution.

3. Enthusiasm and willingness to learn

The attitude in itself will not get the job, but can help bridge the gap between you and the prospective employer to overcome. Enthusiastic employees who have an explicit attitude in general show more initiative in their work and are ready to take the extra effort. In any job, your first learning curve might be inclined, and employers will ensure that the effort and time to the area to understand, improve and continue to take initiatives to move forward in small steps to elaborate. In addition, considering that enthusiasm is contagious, employers hope to an employee with a positive attitude, and boundless energy will add a favorable influence on the rest of the team and the general morale and spirit of unity.

4. Work Ethos

A professional attitude, manner and attitude are essential in establishing a society. You must demonstrate your dedication and commitment to the company and your career, your honesty, your integrity, reliability and intelligent decisions. Make sure you always show a skilled look, and that you are fully aware of how your professional role and society affect the performance.

5. Interpersonal Skills

Your emotional intelligence and your ability to work in teams with colleagues, managers and customers will play a role in your success and will be in the spotlight during the interview. Try to prove you are a cooperative team member and see no problems interacting with others. In a survey, the leading recruitment site in North Africa and the Middle East, 15% of employers involved said that interpersonal skills were the most crucial to the required standards can be found in the pre screening and evaluating candidates. In another survey conducted, 79% of employers reported that their position, candidates need to improve their impassioned intelligence, 37% believe that the candidates interviewed require a significant improvement in emotional skills.

6. Quality Management

Even the best must report to their superiors and follow the rules and procedures of the company. The curse of an employer is a person who does not comply with instructions and fat concentrated on her own performance, regardless of team or manager. Try your ability to work as a team to emphasize respect the hierarchy and the positive attention to the instructions, advice and constructive criticism.